16 - 17 may 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine
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Congress ULPGA 2017
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  • Kyiv - Capital Ukraine. One of the largest cities in Europe, administrative, economic, cultural and historical center of the Ukrainian state. Modern Kyiv dynamic - a perfect place for the largest Ukrainian LPG international event "CONGRESS ULPGA 2017".
  • Kyiv 1530 years old. The ancient cradle of European culture. Kyiv is one of the greenest cities in the world in its more than 60 parks, more than 30 museums, about 2000 unique monuments classified as a settlement heritage.
  • In Kiev, there are many attractions, ancient and modern. Historical centers and areas Kyiv talk about the distant past of the city. Buildings Kyiv - living witnesses fluidity of time and the events of today. Many monasteries and temples city decorate it and create an atmosphere of purity and holiness. There are many monuments that have become a kind of calling card of the capital. Due to the large number of parks and green spaces Kyiv image is unique. The streets and squares of Kyiv remember joyful and sad moments and events in the life of our city. A variety of attractions Kiev does not cease to surprise and thrill many. All this - the face of Kyiv city unique, unlike the others, which are so fond of Kyiv residents and tourists.
  • The variety and contrast of Kiev construction impressive! It was in Kiev, you will find buildings of different ages, ranging from princely times and finishing with ultramodern facilities. It should be noted stylistic diversity and buildings Kyiv, ancient architecture, classicism, modern, high-tech - just do not count! At the same time many of them have a number of features, differences amusing.
  • Ukrainian capital is often called the city-park-garden city, and not without reason. The total area of all green spaces in Kyiv city limits is 56.3  thousands of hectares . Today in Kiev about 130 parks and 450 squares.

    See you in Kiev!


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16 - 17 may 2017 Congress ULPGA 2017 Ramada Encore Kiev, Ukraine